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Friday, September 4, 2009

Harry Potter Double Buckle Leather Briefcase

A unique collectible item featuring the Harry Potter Logo on a double buckle leather briefcase.

Harry Potter Double Buckle Leather Briefcase - You don't need to work at the Ministry of Magic to carry this stunning, European-crafted Harry Potter briefcase! Made of high quality leather, the briefcase features a metal 'Hogwarts' logo on the outside front pocket and the 'Harry Potter' logo embossed on the flap-cover.

The briefcase features two buckles, a roomy front pocket, an inside zip pocket, and an open pocket with pen and card organizer. The briefcase measures 14.5 inches by 11 inches, with a depth of approximately 3 inches and the front pocket measures 13 inches by 7 inches, with a depth of approximately three-quarters of an inch.

This briefcase is made in Europe to the highest standards, and is sure to become your favorite method for carrying important papers to meetings with men and wizards alike! Made of the finest quality full grain 100% European hides, this leather is tanned with plants (environment friendly) and afterwords treated with natural oil for effect. In the beginning when you use the bag color or oil can in rare cases stain clothing. This effect will dry out very soon and will solve itself.

Book Trivia
Why is Harry Potters Middle name James?
Answer: James was Harry Potters fathers name.

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