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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harry Potter Hogwarts Student Hat with Brim

Any plans to dress up like a student from Hogwarts? If so check out this Harry Potter Hogwarts student hat with brim!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Student Hat with Brim
- Dress like the head student of the class at Hogwarts in this Harry Potter student hat with brim. This black velvet hat has a gold H shield. One size fits most adults and children.

For different types of Harry Potter Hats, costumes and other Harry Potter memorabilia check out the label links below and the menu options on the right column.

Book Trivia
Whats the name of the hat created by Fred and George Wealsey that protects the wearer against minor to moderate hexes and jinxes?
Answer: The Shield Hat

In the world of HP, what is a Howler?
Answer: In the most simplest of terms its a nasty letter. The letter arrives in a red envelope with a slight smoke to it. You have to open up the letter immediately or it will go boom. The howler will then start to scream and yell at the recipient.

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