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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mad Eye Moody Patch

A newer verison of the Mad Eye Moody Patch, check it out!

Harry Potter Mad Eye Moody Patch #2 - This new adaptation of the sinister Mad Eye Moody Patch is a stunning recreation of the one worn by the professor in the Harry Potter film, The Goblet of Fire. This swiveling eye patch of the mysterious new professor at Hogwarts, Mad Eye Moody, is said to help him see more than the average wizard. The patch comes on a decorative header card; completely size adjustable, and has the mysterious printed eye on the inside of the lens.

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Book Trivia
Whats so special about Mad Eye Moodys Patch?
Answer: The patch is magical; vivid blue in color; moves independently; can see invisible things and through solid objects.

Which order was Moody apart of as a Auror?
Answer: Order of the Phoenix

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