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Monday, August 31, 2009

Potter Death Eater Mask v2

Plans of dressing up like a Death Eater for Halloween? If so check out this Death Eater Mask version 2 by Elope.

Harry Potter Death Eater Mask #2 by Elope
- Slither around the halls of The Ministry of Magic looking for Harry Potter in this Death Eater #2 Mask. This full head lightweight mask features a soft rubber front and nylon back. It is a highly detailed, wearable replica, and a must-have collectible!

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Book Trivia
Which character was suspected of being a death eater but was then later cleared?
Answer: Ludovic Bagman

What was the name of Sirius younger brother who joined the death eaters at the age of 16?
Answer: Regulus Arcturus

Which death eater set off the Dark Mark during the battle of the tower?
Answer: Gibbon

1 comment:

  1. Looks pretty meanie that mask .. good for a halloween costume!